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Events to which Kevin Anderson has contributed

Dec 2012. Presentation on the challenges of energy supply at the House of Commons

Presentation: Understanding the challenges facing energy supply

Setting the context for three detailed discussions on different energy supply alternatives by colleagues from Manchester University. Attended by a mix of MPs, Lords and decision makers from across the energy industry, this opening presentation introduced the scale of the mitigation challenge facing the UK (and other industrialised nations), outlining how such mitigation could be reconciled with concerns over the security and price of energy services.

Dec 2012. Anderson gives evidence on shale gas to UK Parliamentary committee

Video: Anderson gives evidence on shale gas to UK Parliamentary committee
(Note: session starts at 10.37 on the podcast clock)

 In an hour of questioning at the UK parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee Anderson outlines how the development of shale gas in the UK is fundamentally incompatible with the UK’s international commitments on climate change (Copenhagen Accord and Cancun Agreement) as well its own national Low Carbon Transition Plan. If the UK wishes to renege on its stringent international commitments but abide by its weak carbon budgets there is a very small emission space for using shale-gas. However, the UK’s repeated commitments on 2C do not permit any such combustion of shale gas. He also draws attention to the glaring and internal inconsistency of a government that evokes the benefits of free markets then proceeding to explicitly choose winners – i.e. 37 GW of gas generation (as per Osbourne’s “Gas Strategy”)!

May 2012. Keynote at EcoCities’ Adapting the City summit

Presentation:  From rhetoric to reality – facing the challenges of climate change
Video:  Rhetoric to Reality

This presentation, with a focus on Manchester,  provided the climate change framing for the Adapting the City summit – the final event of The Bruntwood Initiative for Sustainable Cities (EcoCities). The summit was for policy, business and third-sector decision makers from across the North West of England and included an introduction by Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council, Mike Oglesby, Chairman of Bruntwood and Professor Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice Chancellor of The University of Manchester.