Reconciling shipping emissions with international commitments on climate change

Dec 2012  Executing a Scharnow turn: reconciling shipping emissions with international commitments on climate change – Carbon Management
The shipping industry maintains a pretence of contributing towards global commitments on climate change at the same time as it anticipates its emissions increasing almost four fold by 2050 (c.f. 1990). Such high-level declarations of responsible action, contrasting with woefully inadequate policies, are reflective of the Machiavellian duality exhibited by many industries and nations. This paper reveals the masking of rapid and substantial emissions growth by the industry, concluding that for shipping to meet its own “fair and proportional” commitments to “preventing dangerous interference with the climate system” demands a fundamental and immediate Scharnow turn in its emissions pathway.
A one-page summary of the paper is also available: Executing a Scharnow turn-1-page overview

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