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Interview for Post Carbon Pathways website

May 2013 Interview of Kevin Anderson for Post Carbon Pathways website “… we need the courage to seek and develop a new paradigm” For interviews of other scientists, researchers and policy makers engaged with climate change see Post Carbon Pathways…

Mar 2013. Presentation to the Department for Transport (DfT)

Invited presentation (facing the challenge of climate change) as part of the DfT series of monthly seminars intended to raise the profile of climate-realted issues amongst DfT policy officials. Previously they have heard from David McKay (chief scientific officer at DECC); I…

Feb 2013. Presentation at Stormont – Northern Ireland

Presentation on climate change given at Stormont (parliament building for the Northern Ireland’s assembly) and  sponsored by Environment Minister Alex Attwood.  The Assembly is considering whether to develop its own climate change legislation, in similar vein to the UK’s Climate Change…

Jan 2013. Presentation to full Manchester City Council

This presentation (From Rhetoric to Reality: facing the challenges of climate change) and Q&A on climate change was given to Manchester City Council (MCC) leader (Richard Leese), the full cohort of city councillors and the Lord Mayor. Building on three MCC…