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@SafeClimate @KevinClimate @TyndallCentre @IPCC_CH Yes it was recorded! The video is up on our channel here: https://t.co/nSQwCp4u5P

@KevinClimate @TGJakobsen @Beccabluesky @StephenWoroniec @clairefrwordley @ClimateHuman @annajanejoyner @MaryHeglar @SaleemulHuq @KA_Nicholas @ExtinctionR @Fridays4future @MichaelEMann @KHayhoe I've had an inkling that we need a carbon accounting ministry that is senior to the treasury.

How depressing to hear all the #airline industry hacks resist need for serious downsizing to maintain liveable climate. Appealing to #ParisAccord just doesn’t cut it. Get real. Glad to hear brilliant & brave intervention from ⁦@KA_Nicholas⁩ https://t.co/QuTaaNpEgY