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© November 2019


I've been asked to provide an expert witness statement for an @ExtinctionR rebel's December trial - deadline to submit statment is this Friday. Crumbs! I'm reading & doing what I can but would be *very* grateful for links, pointers, advice!

TONIGHT we welcome Prof Kevin Anderson @KevinClimate for a free INSIGHTS Public Lecture 'Can meaningful hope spring from revealing the depth of our climate failure': https://t.co/ENvzf9KQQg

Time: 17:30
Venue: Herschel Building @UniofNewcastle

#ClimateChange #ClimateEmergency

@SteB777 @JKSteinberger @ClimateEmpower @KevinClimate My time of enlightenment starts from the Jo'burg summit in 2002. I can only imagine how Bruntland onward must have felt. Hard for some from that time to retain any hope - but for sure we can always make things 'less bad than they would otherwise be' - that keeps me moving...