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Review of Anderson’s Cabot seminar in Bristol

Nov 2012  Review of Anderson’s Cabot seminar in Bristol – Huffington Post “In a recent iconoclastic talk at the University of Bristol, a leading British climate scientist invoked the lad in Hans Christian Andersen’s story of the emperor’s new clothes. [Anderson’s] claim in the talk…

Beyond Dangerous Climate Change

Nov 2012  Beyond Dangerous Climate Change – Chapter 1 of What Next This article provides the context for “What Next” – a collection of pieces on ‘climate, development and equity’ – authored by experts from across the globe and both framing the challenges faced…

Foreword to: In Place of Growth

Nov. 2012  Contributed a foreword to a report by Steady State Manchester – In Place of Growth. With a specific focus on the city of Manchester and following discussions with the City Council, the report asked and discussed answers to…

Has US shale gas reduced CO2 emissions?

Oct 2012  Has US shale gas reduced CO2 emissions? – A Tyndall Centre report Since 2007, the production of shale gas in large volumes has substantially reduced the wholesale price of natural gas in the US. This report examines the emissions savings in the…