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@EnlivenmentNow @AarneGranlund @steviedubyu @KevinClimate @JasonBordoff I don't want to write a thread each time I write "economic growth" to give my 2c worth & my views. I was basically cut & pasting from someones article (I had to shorten for Twitter length).

Think of the third bullet as "decarbonising while returning to a reasonable life"


I wonder how much more persuasive the argument for systemic change would be if it were made by people who had stopped flying.

In truth the term "individual action" covers a whole host of behaviors, from destructive "green consumerism" to pointless plastic recycling, to contagious early adoption (of solar power, eg), to public signaling of an emergency by elites and leaders in a field. So... https://t.co/GUKkgLBjWc