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© December 2018


@MhehedZherting @SellaTheChemist @swcrisis @richardabetts @KevinClimate @clivehbest At the global scale, looking at climate , it’s actually not as difficult or uncertain as you insinuate. Model ensembles actually both hindcast and forecast very well as long as the analyst understands how to treat stochastic elements. Figure from F&R 2011 comparing obs w/ models

Can I suggest you stop what you’re doing for four minutes and watch @GretaThunberg’s address to #COP24.

It’s quite simply astonishing. Almost like this girl was sent to save us https://t.co/orog9vzwrG

what I don't like about a 1.5 C #climate warming limit is that Arctic warming, 2x that of the globe, will remain so high that even w/ Paris Climate Agreement, #Greenland ice will remain in deficit & through elevation feedback, irreversibly lost