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I am embarassed that @karolinskainst, @UU_University / @uppsalauni and @lunduniversity are among the top emitters of greenhouse gases in Swedish governmental agencies. We need to have policies to push for #flyingless @KevinClimate @ccluppsala
https://t.co/V5SYp2BQJh via @sr_ekot

Just supported! Documentary about a post-doc travelling from Netherlands to Colorado without flying! Perhaps something to support, #flyingless community @kevinclimate @KA_Nicholas
https://t.co/8Yr6zhFqta CARBON DIOXIDE? THAT'S NOT RIGHT! #ITRAVELDIFFERENT !https://t.co/uNJcF2E7qV

There are increasing numbers of Swedish researchers bucking the flying habits of prestige-seeking academics @KA_Nicholas @LarssonJorgen66 @sachbon @Guy_Uppsala