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@Peters_Glen @wunder2welt @DaytonRMartind @misterp55 @hausfath @patrick_s_smart @dangroshev @landrights4all @deirdrekent @scholarswarning @dad_climate @RobinHeinenNL @UN @UNDRR @JeremyRLent @alastairmci @GreenRupertRead @DrDCWahl @jrockstrom @ProfBillMcGuire @ed_hawkins @AndMedh @Davos @jembendell @AminaJMohammed @buildresilience @dwallacewells @CarolineLucas @JustCollapse @MrMatthewTodd @Matthew__Green @medialens @_Stella_Ngugi_ @OurWorldInData Relative to 400GtCO2 for 1.5°C (ie. under 10yrs of current CO2 & being used up at ~1% each ‘month’), I see the IEA as greened BAU with little deep behaviour change (attached). The trick is not to have no behaviour change, but to have just enough to be able to say it’s included.

@Peters_Glen @wunder2welt @DaytonRMartind @KevinClimate @hausfath @patrick_s_smart @dangroshev @landrights4all @deirdrekent @scholarswarning @dad_climate @RobinHeinenNL @UN @UNDRR @JeremyRLent @alastairmci @GreenRupertRead @DrDCWahl @jrockstrom @ProfBillMcGuire @ed_hawkins @AndMedh @Davos @jembendell @AminaJMohammed @buildresilience @dwallacewells @CarolineLucas @JustCollapse @MrMatthewTodd @Matthew__Green @UKCRP_SPF @medialens @_Stella_Ngugi_ @OurWorldInData Identifying all the damaging activities and scaling them down private jets, SUVs, air travel, fast fashion, industrial beef farming, advertising, the practice of planned obsolescence. Providing everyone with private sufficiency but with public luxury (Hickel&Monbiot)

@Peters_Glen @wunder2welt @DaytonRMartind @KevinClimate @hausfath @patrick_s_smart @dangroshev @landrights4all @deirdrekent @scholarswarning @dad_climate @RobinHeinenNL @UN @UNDRR @JeremyRLent @alastairmci @GreenRupertRead @DrDCWahl @jrockstrom @ProfBillMcGuire @ed_hawkins @AndMedh @Davos @jembendell @AminaJMohammed @buildresilience @dwallacewells @CarolineLucas @JustCollapse @MrMatthewTodd @Matthew__Green @UKCRP_SPF @medialens @_Stella_Ngugi_ @OurWorldInData The BAU aspect refers to the assumption that we will still over produce, ie produce more than people need, to fulfil the need for more profits/GDP. Imagine, for example, all citizen’ basic needs being publicly provisioned as services as described in the WG3 report, imagine 1/2