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This is highly recommended Sunday reading!

@robbie_andrew has put together a history of CO₂ emission estimates, back to 1894!

Great snippets on the context of different CO₂ estimates. Even the famed steam technologist @GuyCallendar gets a section!


@cityatlas @DoctorVive @ClimateHuman @KA_Nicholas @GretaThunberg @EricHolthaus @KevinClimate @KHayhoe They need the social permission to talk about it? This signal has been exposed In Finland, where 90% of the population is worried, and recent research indicates that 24,4 % of youth are *extremely worried* and 43,2 % are *very worried* https://t.co/m9O82s4wej

According to @KevinClimate 70% of #emissions come from 20% of the world’s population. We need to talk about #inequality and environmental justice

Whatever your political persuasion, our latest #podcast with @jasonhickel is essential listening https://t.co/IQY5lSqNZh