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Inconvenient truths here from Professor Kevin Anderson:

“Equity is locked into the #ParisAgreement. And it means that the wealthy parts of the world have about 6-9 years at current emissions left until we blow our budget for 2°C. That requires zero carbon by 2035.”

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@jmkorhonen @mervi_rissanen @A_Ahokas @KevinClimate Vuonna 2017 Kevin puhui aiheesta tässä kolmiosaisen haastattelun ekassa osassa -- eli siitä miksi tutkijoiden johtopäätökset ovat monesti vesittyneet matkalla suurelle yleisölle.


Kevin Anderson @KevinClimate and Hugh Hunt @hughhunt discussing "scientific reticence" - climate scientists not saying what they really think in public - at #COP24 "A Rule Book for the Climate Casino" event.

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