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© October 2019


And the conference train is on the board! We are ready to go. Looking forward to heading up to 1237 metres, five hours of seminars, two hours of views and one of the best train journeys in the world. Conference itself starts tomorrow. #allaboard #beyondoil @KevinClimate

#beyondoil2019 @jessicadjewell focuses on ‘beyond coal’, noting this is already ongoing - significantly because the plants are simply getting old. Still 292GtCO2 in existing & planned capacity (~50% of what @TyndallManc colleagues estimate as a Paris-complaint carbon budget).

#beyondoil2019 @Kerileef keynote unravels ‘beyond’ - is it just an EV - an incremental adjustment ... or something much more fundamental but with many ongoing relationships - or perhaps even something deeply fundamental (an unknown unknown?) - beyond yesterday’s imagination.